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Welcome Virginia Ruiz Martín – New Radiation Nation Leader!

January 3, 2015

For a few years now, I have wanted Radiation Nation to grow. It’s been wonderfully engaging online, but I’ve been looking for people with the ethics, experience and passion to make it more successful than I can do alone.

Dr. Virginia Ruiz Martín of Burgos, Spain is just that kind of person.

I met Virginia on Twitter as @roentgen66 and learned she is a very active, eloquent blogger (If you are English speaking, use Google Chrome and it will translate her work for you).  She is a compassionate doctor with a commitment to making cancer care better. She has been a strong supporter of the #radonc community and I am excited to find Virginia so committed to helping connect the radiation oncology globally.

It is hard to find people who advocate for patients, professionals and the art of medicine as much as the technology of our field. Virginia has been very generous in helping me bridge the linguistic divide between English and Spanish speakers. I am honored and grateful for her willingness to contribute to making Radiation Nation better than I can do alone. Here is more about her .

So what is next? I have absolutely no idea. But with good people working together great things can happen. Stay tuned!

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