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Each person learns differently based upon language, literacy, and cognitive style. Here are some resources to help individualize patient education. Clinicians should review before recommending because there are likely differences from your practice to explain to your patients.


Radiation Therapy – General Information

اللغة العربية (Arabic)

المعالجة بالأشعة(Mufasser, USA)   VIDEO

 .العلاج الإشعاعي (King Fahad Medical City, Saudi Arabia)  VIDEO

Deutsch (German)

Broschüre: Strahlen für das Leben (DEGRO, Deutschland)  PDF


The Science Behind Radiation Therapy (American Cancer Society, USA)  PDF

Radiation Therapy and You (National Cancer Institute, USA) PDF

An Introduction to Radiation Therapy (American Cancer Society, USA) VIDEO

Radiation Oncology Information (ACT Health, Australia)  VIDEO

Radiotherapy (MacMillan Cancer Support, UK)  VIDEO

An Introduction to Radiation Therapy (ASTRO, USA)  VIDEO

What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor? (ASTRO, USA)  WEB PAGE

Español (Spanish)

Qué consiste la radioterapia (Canal idcsalud, España)   VIDEO

Guía Informativa para Pacientes (Consorcio Hospitalario Provincial de Castellón, España)  VIDEO

Radioterapia: una guía para los pacientes y sus familias (American Cancer Society, USA)  WEB PAGE

Français (French)

Comprendre la radiothérapie (L’Institut National de Cancer, France)  PDF

Italiano (Italian)

Radioterapia: Guida pratica per il paziente (Fondazione Federico Calabrese, Italia)  PDF

Guida per i pazienti sulla Raditerapia (Ospedale “A. Perrino” Brindisi, Italia) PDF

Portugues (Portuguese)

O  Que É Radioterapia? (SBRT, Brasil)

Sign Language (British)

 About Radiotherapy (MacMillan Cancer Support, UK)  VIDEO


Breast Cancer

Deutsch (German)

Brustkrebs (Mammakarzinom)  (DEGRO, Deutschland)  PDF


Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment    PINTEREST

Breast Radiotherapy Information (Kent Oncology Centre, UK)   VIDEO

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer (ASTRO, USA)  VIDEO

Français (French)

Le déroulement d’une radiothérapie externe (L’Institut National du Cancer, France)  WEB PAGE


Gynecologic Cancer


Vaginal Vault Brachytherapy (Sunnybrook Hospital, Canada)  VIDEO


Head & Neck Cancer

Deutsch (German)

Tumoren der Kopf-Hals-Region (DEGRO, Deutschland)  PDF


Radiation Therapy of the Head & Neck (University Hospital Network, Canada)  VIDEO


Lung Cancer

Deutsch (German)

Tumoren der Lunge (Bronchialkarzinom) (DEGRO, Deutschland)  PDF


Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer (ASTRO, USA)   VIDEO



Prostate Cancer

Deutsch (German)

Externe Bestrahlung bei Prostatakrebs (DEGRO, Deutschland)  PDF


Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer (ASTRO, USA)  VIDEO

 Prostate Radiotherapy Information (Kent Oncology Centre, UK)  VIDEO

Español (Spanish)

Braquiterapia con I-125 de la próstata (Centro Oncológico de Galicia)   VIDEO

Français (French)

Cancer de la prostate: un guide pour les patients (ESMO, France)  PDF



Contributors:    Joaquín J Cabreraإيمان الذهيبي (Eman Duhaiby) , Sean Geoghegan ,  Matthew Katz , Angel Montero Luis , Giovanna Marsico ,  Tere M. Migueláñez ,   عصام مرشد(ابو عماد) (E Murshid) ,  Virginia Ruiz , Richard Simcock , Danny Vesprini


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