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Community Guidelines


We want Radiation Nation to be a community where people can share insights on clinical care and help make cancer care safer and better.  We have some Terms of Use, but we also have some basic principles:

Golden rule.  Respect is important, both in clinical practice and online conversations.

Be cool.   Participation should be fun and stimulating, but keep it civil.  Don’t take disagreements with others personally, the goal is to discuss difference for a purpose: getting a better answer than either of you had separately.

Dare to be true.  Transparency and honesty are important.  The goal is improvement, not perfection.

Discretion is the better part of valor. HIPAA, patient privacy rights apply here, just like anywhere. Assume any patient can see what you write here.  If you want to discuss a clinical scenario, de-identify and generalize.

Think different. There is a lot we know, but there’s even more that we don’t.  Maybe your experience or viewpoint can help others, so share!

Collaborate. We need to work closely with others to improve health care.  Let’s do the same here, and the end result may help patients around the world.

Make a difference. The more you learn and contribute to the Radiation Nation, to more the community succeeds. If you have suggestions on other ways we can make your experience better, let us know!

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Radiation Nation is dedicated to a collaborative approach to sharing for all involved in the use of radiation medicine.
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