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Thoracic Radiation for Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer: #radonc Journal Club 10/17-19

October 14, 2014

The October #RadOnc Journal Club will be discussing the following article:

Use of thoracic radiotherapy for extensive-stage small cell lung cancer: a phase 3 randomized controlled trial. Slotman BJ, van Tinteren H, Praag JO, Knegiens JL, El Sharouni SY, Hatton M, Keijser A, Faivre-Finn C, Senan S. Lancet 2014.


The authors will not be joining us for the journal club. Live chat is scheduled for Sunday October 19th at 8PM Central Standard Time.


The chat moderators will lead the discussion with these questions:

T1.     What is the current role of radiation in extensive-stage small cell lung cancer (ESCLC)?

T2.    What is the rationale of this study?

T3a.  What were the results of the study?

T3b.  What are its limitations and strengths?

T4a.  Should thoracic radiation be the new standard in ESCLC?

T4b. What are the implications for current and future research?


The journal club will begin on Friday 10/17 with everyone sharing and discussion their thoughts about the article and by including #RadOnc in their tweets. The live-tweet chat will in the journal club discussion.


Thanks to Tamara Lucas at The Lancet, the article is available for free during the chat period. Here is the link: . Please tweet thank you and consider following Tamara and @TheLancet for helping us discuss this important topic in lung cancer care.


Looking forward to ‘seeing you’ on Twitter and discussing this important topic at our third journal club!

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