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Bilateral Mastectomy for Breast Cancer: #RadOnc Twitter Journal Club 9/19-21

September 15, 2014

The September #RadOnc Journal Club will be discussing the following article:

Use of and mortality after bilateral mastectomy compared with other surgical treatments for breast cancer in California, 1998-2011

Kurian AW, Lichtensztajn DY, Keegan TH, Nelson DO, Clarke CA, Gomez SL.  JAMA 2014;312:902-14


Three of the authors will be joining us for the live chat, scheduled Sunday 9/21 at 8PM Central Standard Time. These authors are:


Dr. Scarlett L. Gomez (senior author)     @slingomez

Dr. Christina (Tina) A. Clarke                @tinaclarkedur 

Dr. Allison W. Kurian (first author)      @AllisonKurian


The chat moderators will lead the discussion with these questions:

T1.     What is the role of bilateral mastectomy in breast cancer management?

T2.    What were the purpose and design of this study?

T3a.  What were the results of the study?

T3b.  What are its limitations and strengths?

T4.    How does this study influence current practice and patient education?


The journal club will begin on Friday 9/19 with everyone sharing and discussion their thoughts about the article and by including #RadOnc in their tweets. The live-tweet chat will feature the above participating authors in the journal club discussion.


When we first set up our plans the article was free, but now only the abstract is available for free. Please share with us if you can easily access the journal articles or we should consider only open access publications.


 [Added 9/18/14]: Thanks to JAMA, you can get the full article Saturday or Sunday Eastern Standard Time for free here. Special thank you to Dr. Michael Berkwits at JAMA.


Looking forward to ‘seeing you’ on Twitter and discussing this important topic at our second journal club!



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