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Pooling Resources for Radiation Professionals

December 2, 2014
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In the last post, we shared a multilingual, global resource for patient education. This page may help radiation oncologists guide patients to useful ways to learn about radiation.

Radiation professionals also should have something to help for professional needs.

Our new page has many pooled resources for radiation professionals:

  • 4 clinical practice guidelines;
  • A clinical trials link;
  • 4 safety and research organizations;
  • 10 advocacy and patient education organizations;
  • 4 radiation oncology blogs;
  • 6 radiation-oriented communities;
  • 3 global cancer care organizations;
  • 35 national or international professional radiation oncology societies;
  • 13 radiation therapy societies;
  • 10 dosimetry and medical physics organizations;
  • 5 oncology nursing societies

We have tried to put practical use links at the top, with networking lower on the list.  We haven’t added educational links yet for trainees, current practitioners or for meetings…yet. That is a topic unto itself.

What do you think?  Thank you to everyone in the radiation community who helped me prepare this list. Please let us know if there are other things we’re missing.

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