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Cardiac Side Effects from Breast Radiotherapy

January 22, 2016

In January we are having a second #radonc Journal club and our first at an earlier time for European contributors.


On Sunday 24th January at 8pm  9pm GMT (2 3pm CST) we will be discussing Cardiac Side Effects from Breast Radiotherapy. This important issue has recently been covered in depth by Dr Anna Kirby (Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK) and Dr Carolyn Taylor (Clinical Trial Unit, Oxford, UK) in a paper in Clinical Oncology. We are grateful to Dr Charlotte Coles (Editor) and Catherine O’Hara for making the article free to view here:


Clinical Oncology have also started recently producing short podcasts around some of their output and there is a useful 15 minute chat with Anna and Carolyn available for download / streaming here:


During the hour we will cover the following topics:


T1: What is the evidence for radiation induced cardiac damage after breast radiotherapy?


T2: What are the Organs at Risk and what is known about dose thresholds?


T3: What are the relative benefits of the various available cardiac sparing techniques?


T4: What efforts should the #radonc community be making for cardiac sparing in the future?


Please join us for another active conversation!

Richard Simcock

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