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Curating Radiation for Patient Education

Global When you see a new patient, or you are one, it’s hard to communicate everything and understand it in the limited time you have.  Paper pamphlets may not always help enough. We all learn health information differently. There are many possible hurdles: language, literacy, time constraints, emotional or psychological state, and others.


So I thought I would try to collect some reliable information. Thanks to the Radiation Nation community, I have curated a lot of new resources to educate patients about radiation.


These resources are separated by language, since that is often one of the most obvious barriers. Some are general, some are disease-specific. Some are written, some are video. As of November 30, we have general information in eight languages. But we want more!


Criteria for inclusion are:

  • Reliable information
  • Can reach it by hyperlink as nonmember (no firewalls)
  • Good presentation quality
  • Designed for patient education, not advocacy agenda
  • Not promotional for specific hospital or vendor
  • Not limited to one vendor’s equipment


Curating radiation information for patient education isn’t easy. Let us know if there’s something I’m missing. Once the list gets longer I may need to re-organize. But there has been too little for too long.


If there are good evidence-based education tools, let’s see if we can share those too.   If you think any of our listed resources are problematic, let us know. What do you think?