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Feedback from the #radonc community for journal club and beyond

April 15, 2017

Usually we have a journal club every third  weekend. As we approach three years of #radonc journal club, it seemed well past time to ask: what can we do better?

The goal has been to share our knowledge with each other and the public at large. Generally, we have aimed to make articles temporarily open access with author participation. But the format has changed, and we’re open to changing it again. So we need your input, either by replying to this post or on Twitter.

Here are some questions we have for you:

  1. What makes #radonc journal club worthwhile for you?
  2. What is the best way to let you know what the month’s journal club topic will be?
  3. How can we do better with
    • Articles we choose
    • Use of Twitter
    • Chat timing and format
    • Moderator presentation
    • Community participation
  4. What are we missing?

I will be listening carefully, because Radiation Nation will now become part of AORTIC, in order to better share knowledge globally. With your feedback and advice, I believe we can make both the journal club and the global radiation oncology/clinical oncology community better. Thanks for all of your help so far. Please share what we can do better!

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