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Patterns of Failure after Radical Cystectomy: A Role for Radiation in Bladder Cancer?

August 14, 2016

For our August #radonc journal club we will discuss bladder cancer patterns of failure after radical cystectomy. Chemotherapy is often offered for more advanced disease. Is there any role for radiation therapy?

Our article is:

Patterns of Failure after Radical Cystectomy for pT3-4 Bladder Cancer: Implications for Adjuvant Radiation Therapy

The article is free for download, thanks to Katherine Bennett and the Red Journal.


The lead and senior authors, Abhinav Reddy and Dr. Stan Liauw of University of Chicago, will join us to discuss at the live journal club Sunday August 21st at 12 – 1 PM Central Standard Time [5PM GMT]. We will focus on the following topics:

T1.  What is the current standard for locally advanced bladder cancer?

T2.   What were the aim and methods of this study?

T3.  What were the results, and how do they fit into currently published literature of patterns of failure?

T4.  How do bladder cancer patterns of failure after cystectomy inform us on (a) role for adjuvant radiation and (b) appropriate treatment volumes if used?

We will start open chat 6 AM CST Saturday August 20th to include global participation.

  • Here are guidelines on how to sign up and participate
  • Read our disclaimer for ways to keep it rewarding and professional. If you’re not ready, just lurk and tune into the conversation.

Any suggestions? Leave a comment or tweet us at @Rad_Nation. We look forward to having you join us!

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