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Cetuximab or Chemotherapy with Head & Neck Radiation

May 12, 2015

Last month we discussed RTOG 0617, in which one of the randomization added cetuximab to standard chemotherapy for concurrent chemoradiation. The #RadOnc Journal Club 5/15-5/17 will discuss the use of cetuximab for treatment of head and neck cancer. We’ll be discussing the following article:

Efficacy of concurrent cetuximab vs. 5-fluorouracil/carboplatin or high-dose cisplatin with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for locally-advanced head and neck cancer (LAHNSCC)


As usual, the asynchronous portion of the chat will start at 6am on Friday 5/15/15 through 5/17, ending with the ‘live chat’ on 5/17/15 from 8-9pm CST.

Dr. Nadeem Riaz (Twitter handle: @xrtGenomics) will be joining the live chat and we will be discussing these questions:

T1: What is the role of systemic therapy concurrent with radiation in HNSCC?

T2: What evidence supports use of cetuximab concurrent with radiation?

T3: What were the results of this study?

T4: How can these results be applied to current practice and future study design?


We’re hoping to have the article free for the duration of the chat. Please join us to discuss this important topic!

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